Beside Real Wedding, Marriage Proposal, Wedding Anniversary, Confetti wedding planner also  gives you others. Before and after the wedding, including: Wedding website: Service fee start from 5 million VND (equals to 240 USD).

** Do not pay more expenses.

Economy Package

Your wedding day is up coming? And it should be saving for later-on-family life? You desire for a blossoming and splendid wedding day with smart spending? Totally be insightful, Confetti introduce Economy Wedding Decoration service, start from 20 million VND.

Economy wedding package including 03 items:

1- PACK 1: Service fee start 20 million VND.
**Decorated with FLOWERS and SILK
2- PACK 2: Service fee start 35 million VND.
**Decorated with FLOWERS and CRYSTAL STRINGS.
3- PACK 3: Service fee start 50 million VND.

Besides, Confetti also give some special items for each package.

Wedding Website

Confetti provides Wedding Website service, creates design idea and inspires the inside content for your big day. All remoted friends can join into, witness and give you best bless.

Your friends cannot way to witness your spendid wedding day, what if this wish was impossible, due to limited guest number, distance, time schedule? Confetti provides Wedding Website service, a mordern channel for all friends who really don’t want to miss your day.

Wedding Website service is conducted based on partnership between Confetti and Thuyenhoa (product of Nomad Digital Company).

BESIDES: Confetti is releasing special package for saving wedding “Economy package” with total decoration budget starts from 20 million VND. See economy package here.