CONFETTI is the 1st-full-meaning CONCEPTUAL Wedding Planner in Vietnam, who starts a whole new chapter of wedding in Vietnam, and nurtures the definition “WEDDING CONCEPT”.

Swanxuan, Confetti’s Founder, is jotting down some lines to you. Its not just a speech, not an introduction at all, just simply sharing:

“Confetti brings you informatively concrete consultancy, rises you up with personal-orientation enchanting Concept for your wedding day. We hold a committment in hand, with dedication and devotion. Tell us, what is your childhood’s dream, we will make it come true, not theoritically, not just beautiful, but splendidly touching & self-emotional!”

“Let us plan your wedding with love”



Trong quá trình hoạt động, Confetti đã phối hợp cùng nhiều đối tác, nhà cung cấp.

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Confetti’s Founder: Xuân, Swanxuan

You can call me Swan, most people do. Worked at Unilever in Brand marketing department for more than 4 years, it kept reminding me that I was still thirsty for something. And that “something” must be like an alchemist, creates gold and happiness at the same time.

At a certain point of my life, one day, I woke up & realized I indeed need to have a change, big change

that led to a big journey which is childhood’s inception. Fate led me to a dream of being a Wedding planner, where careness, happiness, inspiration & sweet dreams become one & become true. And Confetti was born, Dec 2009, being the first-ever- full meaning Conceptual Wedding Planner in Vietnam (maybe that’s why I gained the beginner’s luck over the two tremendous years).

Making a decision was only the beginning. When someone makes a decision, she is really diving into a strong current that will carry her to places she had never dreamed of when she first made a decision. Wedding planner, the story of my life, has just begun.

I extremely think that life is all about moments. Your wedding is one of priceless moment where i reject the notion that wedding must be traditional, where I endlessly think creativity is needed for a memorable your-own-style-wedding. And lastly, beauty comes from simplicity and cleverness.

I live & love now in Ho Chi Minh city, the youngest & crowdest city of VietNam, with a lovely office, “desperately” kute and smart Confetti girls. That creates the soul of Confetti wedding planner.

Me, off-work?

I am a daughter of a four-member-family, distant from where I go to work every day, but close to love and share every night. They are my treasure, absolutely forever. I have a golden man, a sweet heart-thief, a perfect soul-reader who catches me from downs, brings me home from drunk, warmly holds my hands on sleep, kisses and tells me “For you everything”. I have golden friends who light up my way, cheer me at each footsteps and hold me from tears. Thats enought. That’s life!

Inspiring quote “Its true. Life is generous to those who pursuit their destiny”

Hồng Xuân, Confetti’s founder. You absolutely can contact here: FB: swanxuan/ OR visit my blog: